Monthly Horoscope: Pisces, December 2023

Mercury retrograde brings new takes on old dreams.

Sagittarius season shows you the far reaches of your legacy as the sun transits your chart’s house of career beginning November 22.

The planet of communication, Mercury, enters earth sign Capricorn on December 1, where it will retrograde later this month. During this extended transit, your priorities are reorganized so that you can stay on task. How you talk about your accomplishments can become more refined, commanding respect.


You can serve as a mentor to those in your community, online and off, as Mercury connects with Saturn on December 2 and December 21, with one final pass in January. If you’re under the age of 30 (pre- or mid-Saturn return) it’s likely that you’re the one that needs mentorship, and can take advantage of these aspects to connect with seasoned, experienced folks who have paved the way for you. Otherwise, you’re the one who can share or record your experience for the benefit of your community.

Relationships transform as Venus clashes with Pluto, the planet of secrets, on December 3, finding yo confronting taboos. Themes of shared wealth, taxes, and investing in your future are activated.

The trust that was engaged under the Venus-Pluto square brings relationships to a richer resonance as Venus enters the purifying waters of Scorpio on December 4. During this transit, your relationship with your beliefs, worldview, and relations in faraway places find harmony. You’re living up to your promises as Venus harmonizes with Saturn on December 5, encouraging stability and longevity in relationships. A fair deal or favorable, trustworthy agreement is reached.


Your modern planetary ruler, Neptune, ends its retrograde in your sign on December 6, stirring confusion. Neptunian themes like delusion and spirituality are amplified. You can pick up on ways that your ideals or beliefs have (or have not) served you and your ability to connect with others.

Intelligent communication flows as Mercury harmonizes with your traditional planetary ruler, Jupiter, on December 7 and December 18, with one final pass in January. This repeating aspect shows an extended period with multiple chances to define your fantastic plans in a way that is realistic. Draft a step-by-step plan for how you will accomplish your goals, and enlist the help of your greater community to see it through.

You can feel positive about the conversations taking place as Venus faces off with Jupiter on December 9. This might also present a tension between your ideals and your feelings, making for interesting exchanges or expressions of emotion.

Self-expression is supported as Venus connects with Mercury on December 11 and emotional conversations flow. There’s an ability to put your most honest feelings into words and a minimalistic economy of language during Mercury’s transit through Capricorn, helping you simplify your point of view.

The new moon in Sagittarius falls in your chart’s house of career and public reputation on December 12, starting and ending a cycle. Your mind has room to wander, imagining different possibilities for your life path. How high can you reach?


Mercury retrograde begins on December 13 in earth sign Capricorn: Mercury retrograde corresponds with a period of inconvenient delays, but it’s also a time of resurfacing, remixing, and re-interpretation. Old tasks that you once put down can be picked up again. Old friends or missed connections can return for a glorious reunion.

The sun clashes with Neptune on December 16, bringing your ideals and vision to life. You’re acting based on your intuition. Through confronting your beliefs or superstitions, something inspired is charmed from the ether!

Retrograde Mercury harmonizes with Jupiter on December 18 for the second time—defining your politics and worldview takes a few tries. Learning is a process of trial and error; the most revered works of literature have gone through multiple drafts!

Tension in your relationships and finances arrives as Venus faces off with Uranus, stirring up feelings of insecurity or uncertainty on December 21. Unusual circumstances can create disruptions, or birth something beautiful and unique to be embraced! Also on December 21, serious conversations repeat themselves as retrograde Mercury connects with Saturn. Here you get another chance to command respect and present yourself as someone with commitment and experience. This can also connect you to mentors and/or mentees.


The winter solstice is also on December 21, kicking off Capricorn season. Final changes are being initiated. Your vision for the future is a source of ambition and leadership as the sun transits your chart’s house of hopes and dreams. Picture your success!

A new cycle of knowledge begins as Mercury meets with the sun on December 22. Make a list! Write down everything that you want to accomplish: describe where you want to live, who you want to know, the friends you want to have—and then forget all about it and trust that life will take care of the rest.

Mercury retrogrades back into your chart’s house of career and public reputation on December 23: After a period of reconsidering your goals with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, you might want to tweak or reorient what has already started, adjusting your targets as Mercury retrogrades through Sagittarius, the sign of the archer.

Peace with your responsibilities flows as the sun connects with Saturn on December 24. You can look at your experiences as a source of inspiration and wisdom that guides you toward your future. Long-term social connections are favored. Healing, magical, and forgiving vibes flow as Venus harmonizes with Neptune on December 25—and your personal mystique and glamour is turned on!

A compassionate, graceful full moon in fellow water sign Cancer illuminates your chart’s house of leisure and pleasure on December 27, bringing a peak to your creative projects or social life. Also on December 27, Mercury clashes with Neptune, rehashing confusing topics that were discussed around November 27. If you have to you defend yourself from being misunderstood or repeat yourself, try not to take it personally, even if it might feel embarrassing.


Goodwill flows as the sun harmonizes with Jupiter on December 27. Your wide range of knowledge enables you to express your political and philosophical worldview in a way that’s friendly, charming, and funny. You can have a hard time censoring yourself as Mercury meets with reactive Mars—all on December 27! Mind your language and remember to read the room, if you can help it.

Improvisation and flexibility are a strength as Mars clashes with Neptune on December 28. You can make all of your efforts seem easy and seamless! New, artistically or divinely inspired forms emerge.

Conflict from December 3 can be reconciled as love planet Venus connects with power planet Pluto on December 29, deepening intimacy in  relationships. Also on this day, Venus changes signs, starting a new chapter in your relationship to the public. During this transit it might be harder for you to keep feelings hidden.

Morals and politics are emphasized as your planetary ruler, Jupiter, ends its retrograde in your chart’s house of communication on December 30—a day when the planet stands still in the sky. Agreements are reconsidered. You might find yourself questioning what you know, and how you know it.

Good luck, Pisces, see you in December!