The Full Cold Moon: December’s Full Moon in Cancer

It’s the last full moon of the year.
The Full Cold Moon: December’s Full Moon in Cancer

During the Full Cold Moon of 2023, which takes place on December 26, the sun in Capricorn opposes the moon in Cancer, which could find us connecting with the past as we reflect on what we want for the future.

What is the Cold Moon?

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, December’s full moon is named the Full Cold Moon due to the dropping temperature. This full moon is also sometimes called the Long Night’s Moon because as we approach the winter equinox the nights get longer and longer, and this full moon is situated above the horizon for a longer stretch of time.


What does the full moon in Cancer represent?

Each zodiac is ruled by a heavenly body, and Cancer is ruled by the moon, so a full moon in Cancer is quite the event! Cancer is famously intuitive, creative, protective, and emotional, and a full moon in Cancer can push one to finally listen to their inner voice (especially if it’s been ignored), to pursue a creative project (even if it doesn’t bring fame or fortune), to stand up for the people we love, and to be honest with ourselves about our true emotions. The full moon in Cancer can find you getting something important off your chest. Important discoveries may be made, information could come to light.

Again, the sun in Capricorn is business-minded, stoic, and cold, but the full moon in Cancer comes along during Capricorn season to reconnect us with our feelings. Capricorn is an earth sign that’s focused on building wealth and legacy, but sometimes we might forget why we’re working so hard. The full moon in Cancer comes to remind us!

What’s special about this year’s full moon in Cancer?

The sun trines Jupiter and sextiles Saturn, which means the moon sextiles Jupiter and trines Saturn! Why do we care? Trines and sextiles are especially harmonious alignments between planets, with trines inspiring an easygoing and confident atmosphere and sextiles promoting communication and connection. Saturn is the taskmaster of the zodiac, but with the sun and Moon in harmonious alignment with it, we may receive support from higher-ups and elders. Jupiter is the planet of plenty, and its helpful alignment with the sun and Moon could bring a dash of luck and exciting opportunities our way. Saturn provides support and Jupiter lends optimism, creating a productive atmosphere during this full moon.

But this full moon brings some tension, too. Mercury retrograde sits with Mars in Sagittarius, and they both square off with Neptune in Pisces: On one hand, people may be prone to laziness or passive aggression, on the other hand, people may be very quick to make judgements—but it would be very wise to slow down and not jump to conclusions. Discussions could move along very quickly at this time, but it’s important not to get carried away by fears and fantasies. People might be feeling very sentimental and sensitive, however a blunt or tactless message may be shared that doesn’t convey this tenderness. Because Mercury is retrograde, an action plan could be revisited and reworked. An argument could also be rehashed. Because of the square to Neptune, be careful not to overanalyze things or let your imagination run away from you. 

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Venus squares off with Saturn, which could find people feeling very serious about making future plans. A decision could be made. Typically, Venus square Saturn doesn’t lend itself to romance, but a love affair could take a magical turn as Venus is trine Neptune during this full moon, too. Yes, serious conversations could take place, but there’s also a dash of whimsy and even escapism in the air, so while time may be spent having sober discussions about things like boundaries, security, and commitments, time for fun, flirtation and fantasy will likely be made during this full moon, too. Venus is also sextile Pluto, which bodes well for connecting on a deep, emotional level. If you’ve been wondering what someone has to offer you or what they want from you, you may learn it at this time.

Jupiter is sextile Saturn and square Pluto: If some sort of expansion has been taking place in your life (maybe you’re moving, growing a business, deepening a connection, or traveling), then Jupiter’s alignment with Saturn could help you take care of responsibilities regarding this growth. However, control issues could also flare up as Jupiter squares off with Pluto, and egos may need to be put in check. 

This article was updated for clarity. It was originally published in December 2022.