The World’s Most Dangerous Sex Position

There are countless sex positions, some more dangerous than others. But have you tried the world's most dangerous one?
Arielle Richards
Melbourne, AU
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The world’s most dangerous sex position isn’t kinky, it isn’t experimental, it isn’t face-sitting or an adventurous take on the Wheelbarrow or anything to do with exercise balls, stairs, or resistance play. You’ve probably even tried it. 

Because according to UK-based surgeon Dr Karan Raj, who makes educational TikTok videos for his five-million strong following, the world’s most dangerous sex position is none other than the humble Reverse Cowgirl.



In a viral video released last year, Raj described how the Reverse Cowgirl position was responsible for “50 per cent” of penile fractures in the bedroom.

For those unfamiliar with this position, in Reverse Cowgirl the giver lies on their back, penis or dildo up. The receiver mounts, facing the giver’s feet, and from there can bounce up and down or grind.

As this is a position where the receiver is on top, the giver is unable to regulate the speed and momentum of the thrusts, and, as Raj deadpanned, “if there’s any erratic thrusting or the movements of the two parties are not in sync, it could lead to the male jabberwocky [sic.] slipping out and being crushed by the female pubic bone”.

As Raj described, although there isn’t a literal bone in a penis, dicks can still “break”. 

“A penile fracture is actually a tear to the tunica albuginea,” he said in the video.

“This is a rubbery sheath of tissue that allows a penis to enlarge in width and length during an erection.”


Reverse Cowgirl is only really dangerous to penetrators with penises. But it’s not alone. As it turns out, dicks can be broken in many different – and surprisingly pedestrian – positions.

A 2017 study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research found that Doggy-style was the most dangerous sex position, accounting for 41 per cent of all penile fracture cases. Coming in second was Missionary, with dick-on-top, at 25.5 per cent, and then “woman on top” at 10 per cent. 


Outside of the usual risks – cum in the eye, pulled muscles, injured backs, STIs and pregnancy – are there other ways to hurt yourself or your partner in the bedroom that don’t involve snapping penises? 

Not really.

According to Men’s Health, the dangers posed by the four riskiest sex positions and their derivatives mostly include dick breakage, and like Reverse Cowgirl, you’ve likely tried them.

In The Eager Chef, the receiver sits on a bench or table, with their legs wrapped around the giver’s waist, who is standing, possibly on their tiptoes, and thrusting. Great for kitchen sex, bad for accidentally losing your balance, falling, sending pots and pans flying, and smacking your head on the linoleum floor.

A sex position that’s a little more exciting, with the introduction of a prop, is The Swiss Ball Blitz: The giver sits on an exercise ball, and the receiver squats over their groin, facing away. The receiver is on top here, so too much momentum can result in a similar medical emergency to the Reverse Cowgirl’s promise of a broken dick. Similarly to the Swiss Ball Blitz, in Stairway to Heaven, the receiver is also in the driver’s seat, facing away, except the giver is seated on stairs. In this position, erratic thrusting could lead to penile strainage, and sudden movements caused by over-enthusiasm and pain could lead to either partner losing their balance and falling.


The Cowgirl + Lean Back can lead to hyperextension of the penis, caused by too frequent or intensive downward pressure on the shaft. Men’s Health wrote that if the giver feels tugging or a joint-like crack, the “angle is a little too extreme”. A similar position that causes tugging on the penis is The Butter Churner – a little more advanced, where the receiver lies on their shoulders with their legs raised up and over their head, while the penetrator comes down from above. This can cause hyperextension of the penis, but for the receiver, this position can cause neck injuries, especially if the thrusting is too vigorous.

The Spider is where both partners lie on their backs, facing each other, crab-like, with the receiver’s hips between the giver’s while their legs go over the giver’s knees and rest flat near their shoulders. Locked together in an insect-like formation, you rock back and forth. This is another pose that can cause hyperextension of the penis – as well as extremely sore arms and elbows.

Finally, the Pogo Stick, where the penetrator is standing and the penetrated partner koala-hugs them, groins interlocked, poses various risks. The receiver could be dropped, both partners could fall, and unless they are incredibly fit, the giver is likely to sustain back and neck injuries.


While there are myriad calamities that could befall you during sex, the best way to avoid any injury or disaster is communication. Constant, open communication about your desires, wants, needs and comfort during the deed will help form the basis of considerate, safe and overall better sex. 

Now you’re fully briefed in the potential horrors of adventurous sex, you may possibly be inspired by the sheer breadth of configurations available to you, but there’s no need to jump straight to the acrobatics. 


For some, even initiating sex is a stressful enough experience, let alone propositioning something called The Butter Churner. Open up a conversation with your partner around what you’d like to try, put on a good sex playlist, and go slow. 

Just because a position seems more risky, exciting, or athletic, it doesn’t mean it’ll be any better. The safety and comfort of both yourself and your partner should be your first priority. 

There’s every delight in exploring the vast potentials of vanilla sex, or maybe you’re more interested in finding the right position – depending on body type, muscle mass, strength and flexibility, not every pose is going to be possible, enjoyable, or even pleasurable for you or your partner. 

Happy fucking!

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