Mario Dominates at the Box Office

Plus, adventures in 'Everspace 2' and an awesome mod for the original 'Darkest Dungeon'.
Art from The Super Mario Bros. poster, Mario looks over the mushroom kingdom as Toad leads him forward through a crowd of multicolored Toads.
Image courtesy of Illumination

Patrick and Cado both saw Natalie Watson’s Mario Movie, and Patrick is psyched it passed the “can I watch this 6 million times” parenting test. Ren is checking out Everspace 2, a promising arcade-y space combat game, and an ambitious fan-made expansion to Darkest Dungeon, Black Reliquary, that goes in a different direction from the sequel. Of course, Rob’s got buyer’s remorse around certain office upgrades, alongside some doors he hasn’t opened in Resident Evil 2 Remake. Separately, Patrick wrapped up the Resident Evil 4 remake, where Ren is absolutely loving her choice to play the game on hardcore difficulty.


Discussed: The Super Mario Bros. Movie 1:23, Everspace 2 25:32, Black Reliquary 46:24, Rob’s System Woes 1:04:21, Hunt:Showdown 1:31:56, Resident Evil 2 1:45:40, Resident Evil 4 1:53:23, The Question Bucket 2:06:24

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